Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Down in Dingley Dell. Dingley Dell is the name of our new house, our new life here is high desert country. A place where neither my husband or I are originally from, but know call home. This is were an adventure will begin. A garden adventure. Where some things will grow, while others will not, and surprises will pop up where they are not wanted, but perfectly belong. I will state now that I have no idea what I am doing: gardening, designing, photographing, blogging. But it will be a learning experience for all to watch. My goal is to create a small habit that will invite birds, pollinators, and all the wonders of nature, as well as fresh culinary delights from a tiny potager. I have seen some fabulous blogs floating out in web space, and I will try to learn from all of them. Now, I must begin to, at very least, put up some photos my plot of land from last summer.


Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Hi my friend and welcome to the world of bloggers.
This will be so interesting to follow you down in DD.
A potager you say what an excellent idea!

Good Luck and 'see' you soon/ Tyra

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Jacquie : )
I also am dipping my garden toe into the potager style. I think it is the most practical for people with smallish gardens .. I like to plant companion plants such as herbs with my susceptible flowering plants .. sages and dills with my roses .. lavender also helps ..
There is so much information to digest with gardening.. no matter how long we have been at it .. there is always something new and interesting to learn .. I think that is why I love it so much : )
Don't stress over it .. just let it flow and you will be more successful than you could ever imagine !! Good Luck girl !
P.S. This is the time of year that drives me cabin crazy .. no sign of spring for months yet .. and more snow (which is good for the plants actually) but it is such a log wait ............. haha

Lucy said...

Good luck with both projects, Jaquie - blog and plot.


P.S. Thank you for becoming the thirty-first follower of LOOSE AND LEAFY!

Connie said...

Welcome to the worlds of gardening and blogging. I know you will find inspiration and meet lots of friendly people.
I love my kitchen garden!

Dan Nickerson said...

Good luck Jacquie with your adventures of all kinds. The challenge of combining horticulture with thoughtfulness for the natural environment is a good one and one that I practice. And it takes a lot of practice! You got that right in your posting. I know little of the desert but what I know as a birder is that water is key even in this relatively wet enviroment of Eastern North America.